American Joe
            Plumbing Repair & Handyman       
                                                                               Licensed & Insured
. Serving Pueblo 21 years


Some our recent projects include the following:

Floors, Ceilings & Walls- Water Damage Repair

Almost the entire building was gutted. (Cesar Chavez School). American Joe installed new insulation, drywall, underlayment, VCT, re-installed doors, plumbing fixtures, and painted.

Dry Wall Repair

1. Water-damaged. New drywall installed,                     2. Taped                                                         3. Mud, sanded.                                    4. Textured, primed & painted.

Bathroom Remodel

Removed paneling and installed new tile and fixtures.

Zuni Road

Posts deteriorating....removed old water-damaged material (drywall) and used cement board (non-flammable per code, because of closeness to neighbor), primed and painted.

Sprinkler Repair- "Orbit" brand valves have not lasted very long. We prefer Rainbird or Irritrol.