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Helpful Tips

>Extend DOWNSPOUTS 5' away from foundation to help prevent settling on your home or office building. Can prevent major problems.

>Water Heater Tips (For longer Life):
1. Open drain valve until water runs clear once every 6 months
2. Clean lint/debris from around air intake
3. Make sure there's adequate ventilation otherwise unit could shut off

1. Vacuum weekly (minimum).
2. At exterior doors-use mats outside. Use small rugs inside to catch most dirt
3. Take off shoes at the door
4. Clean carpet professionally every 6-12 months

Does your WIFE know where the water shut off is?
How about your children?
How fast can they shut off a potential water damage situation?
Want to find out the hard way?

Avoid water pipes FREEZING
1. Open cabinet doors to heat pipes under sinks
2. Keep hot water running slowly, to a trickle.
3. Keep thermostat above 65 degrees.
4. Keep garage door closed if pipes are in garage
5. If pipes freeze, turn off main water supply. When they thaw, pipes could burst.

Cleaned your tank-less water heater?
1. Every 6-18 months
2. Flush with white vinegar
3. Check filter for debris
(If you prefer a professional, 719 671-8015)

Checking for GAS LEAKS:
1. Smell-rotten egg or a faint hissing sound.
2. Brush a dish soap and water mixture over gas pipe connections and the suspected areas. If it bubbles, then there's a leak.
3. Install a natural gas detector.
4. If a gas leak is detected, DO NOT turn on light switches, light any matches or use an inside phone. These could trigger an explosion.
5. Immediately leave the house.
6. Call your gas provider's emergency hot line from a phone line outside your home.
7. Call a plumber to repair and tell of your suspected detection area(s).

>Most Chimney Crown's Need Attention-I have seen loose bricks and cracked crowns, both allowing unnecessary moisture into a home. Free Inspection

Getting Less Heat From an older Water Heater? Could be as simple as a new dip tube. They get shorter over time and cause cold water to stay near the top. A. J. can replace..

PREVENT A FIRE-Remove lint in your dryer by cleaning the screen AND taking the vent apart, making sure it's clear of lint/clogs. If you can, remove rear panel and vacuum out the lint.

>HANDYMAN TIP...pour water into any floor drains in a laundry room or mechanical room to see if water escapes quickly. You don't want to find out when your water heater bursts that the drain stops up. It also keeps sewer gases from backing up into the room.

HANDYMAN TIP...Turn off your house water main if leaving for several days. Refuse to flood.

Is your swamp cooler not cooling? Several reasons...
1. Holes in your pads.
2. Dry spots in your pads.
3. Water pump clogged.
4. Water pump supply tubes clogged.
5. Improper ventilation-too much or not enough window opening.
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